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Note to Junior Hockey Players on the 2016-17 Season

Our try-outs have been booked for early September as follows:

Wednesday, September 7 from 10-11 PM

Friday September 9 from 9:30-10:30 PM

Monday September 12 from 10-11PM


There will be an exhibition game on Wednesday, September 14 from 10-11:30.

Cost for all 4 sessions is $70.00.

If you want to be part of a winning organization with a history of success, I invite you to come out. If you played for another Junior team last year, you will need to provide a written release before you can participate.

If you have any questions, text me at (902) 497-8818 or send me a message.

Stephen Adams

President and GM




Maritime Hockey North Junior C Championships 2016 Game Videos

Spryfield vs Kivalliq Canucks, April 1, 2016 in its Entirety (No Break Between Periods)

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Spryfield vs the Lynx, PEI, April 1, 2016 in its Entirety (No Break Between Periods)

Watch the MHNJR Game (Click on the Link and Enjoy)


Nova Scotia Junior 'C' Champions

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Spryfield Attack 2015/16

NS Champions


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Spryfield Attack Coaches Corner for January 31, 2016


Welcome to Coaches Corner with

Head Coach Alex Mader and President/GM Councillor Steve Adams 

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Spryfield Attack News Bites and Comment on MHNJRC Final Game


2015/16 Season

Tryouts Soon


The Attack tryouts will be announced soon. Stay tuned for time and dates.


A great start to the season with two exhibition game wins against a new expansion team the Metro Jaguars. It was great to see the NSJRC league with two new teams: the Bedford Wolverines and the Metro Jaguars. Also, the Amherst Colts have returned after a one year hiatus. The 5 team Junior C league is rounded out by the Spryfield Attack and the Avon River Rats. Truro, and Clare have withdrawn from the league.


The five team league promises some great hockey and a great 2015-16 season. Good luck to all.


October 2015

With the 2015 season well under way, it is clear that the Nova Scotia Junior C League is alive and well. Early in the season it looks like the Attack and Jags are the teams to beat, but with an expansion league, teams are starting to jell as players come into their own.


A lot of credit has to go to the Amherst Colts organization. Returning to the league after a one year leave. The travel distance and time commitment by players and coaches is a true testiment to the organization and league. On the flip side the other four teams have the travel and time obligation as well.


Looks like a great season ahead. Good luck to everyone. The big winners should be the fans!


November 3,2015


If you missed the October 31, 2015 game between Spryfield Attack and the Metro Jaguars you missed a great game. Two great teams, but Spyfield showed guts and determination in the win.


After 1, it was 2-1 Spryfield on 2 goals by #16 Shawn Sabine. At the end of 2 the Attack tied it up 3-3 on a goal by #19 Tyler Cameron. Then the 3rd; down 5-3, with around 8 minutes remaing, the Curtis Leblanc, Matthew Lohnes and Cameron DeGooyer show started. Spryfield tied it up on 2 goals by #14 Leblanc. Then on a looping, bouncing puck, shot from the Jags blue line, Spryfield was down again 6-5. With 3 minutes remaining Leblanc tied the score at 6, sending the game to Overtime.


At about the 1 minute mark in O/T Matthew Lohnes, on a break was up-ended by #23 of the Jags. No penalty shot was awarded but a fatal 2 minute tripping infraction was. Thirty seconds later, #19 Tyler cameron, on a pass from #16 Shawn Sabine, fired the puck into the upper left corner, for the winning goal.


Next day, November 1 in Amherst, Spryfield defeated the Colts 7-2, leaving the Attack alone at 8 and 0, UNDEFEATED.


November 9, 2015


Sporting a 9-0 record the Attack have sole possession of 1st place, but as anyone knows, who follows the Junior 'C' league, that can change in a heart beat.


A few names to mention who have been burning up the ice; #6 Matthew Lohnes (team Captain) with 10 points in the past 3 games; #14 Tyler Leblanc 10 points in the past 3 games; #19 Tyler Cameron 8 points in the past 3 games; #16 Shawn Sabine 8 points in the past 3 games. That's not diminishing the great effort made by guys like Cameron Degooyer, Tyler Gardiner and the rest of this gutsy team.


With a lot of season left to play before playoffs its a horse race to the playoffs. Teams that started slow are picking up steam as they gel as a unit. Come out and see this great brand of hockey. Support your team and the league


. January 31, 2016

With only 4 games left the Attack holds a 3 point lead over the Metro Jaguars with 1 game in hand. A win on tonight (Jan. 31) solidifies the Attacks 1st place finish in the regular season.


Comment on the Maritime North Hockey Junior C Final Game April 3, 2016 - Fredericton Junction, N.B.


I watched every Spryfield Attack game on the internet 'play-by-play', provided by Bellaliant Fibreop; great job! After the Saturday afternoon win against the KIVALLIQ CANUCKS (HN), I decided to fly to Fredericton to join the team for the final game. What I expected to see was the same type of game and officiating that viewers watched on Friday afternoon, April 1, against the same team, Western Valley Panthers (NB), though the results in that encounter saw the Attack win the game 4-2.


Before continuing it is important to thank the organizing committee and community of Fredericton Junction for a wonderful tournament. Though I was present only for the day it was obvious from comments that everyone had a great time.


Now, no one likes to hear complaints, excuses or whining after a loss, so my comments are restricted to comments related to me by a couple of spectators (from N.B.). The common theme was: " it was the worst refereeing I have ever seen in my life"! I am by no means an expert on officiating or even consider myself an avid NHL Hockey Night in Canada viewer, but it was evident to me, and most spectators standing around me that the officials were refusing to let the teams PLAY HOCKEY. Penalty after penalty plagued the game and it appeared to some that one official kept an eye on one player/team rather than the overall game play. That is a tough statement, and though I agree with it, I did not make it. As the final period progressed for the Attack, frustration with the officiating overtook good game play.


The Western Valley Panthers are an excellent team. Whether good officiating, as experienced in other round robin games, would have changed the final outcome of Sundays final is a moot point. Suffice it to say; the right teams played the final game; the wrong officiating team refereed the big game. The final should have been a freewheeling game where players on both sides could show their 'stuff' and be 'allowed to play hockey', much to the delight of all present.


This article is written based on comments of others present at the final game and in no manner is reflective of the Spryfield Attack Hockey Club players, coaches or management. Sometimes tough words have to be spoken to achieve change. Let's hope that in the future officials are vetted based on past performance and not just because they hold the proper documentation. My personal opinion: Sundays final game officiating took the wind from the sails of a great hockey game. It's always easy to blame the officials, but when its blatant in actions, wear the blame. In a quote from a recent report on refereeing; "Credibility is hard-won, but easily frittered away, the reputation any league should want to avoid gaining is a reputation for poor officiating." Enough said.


See everyone in September for a new and exciting season.

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Spryfield vs Bedford Wolverines in Semi's, March 5, 2016



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Spryfield Attack Video Gallery, Regular Season 2016
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March 4, 2016; Spryfield Attack vs Bedford Wolverines



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